Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Losing weight

I know almost everyone makes the new years resolution to lose weight. Jeremy and I are both trying. It is a lot harder to lose weight by yourself so I am glad Jeremy is finally on board. We did really good for a couple of weeks but we are now in a slump. As some of you know, I have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome.) In other words, it is really hard to lose weight and very easy gain it. The fist 2 weeks I was steadily losing weight. It was not much but anything was exciting for me. The next week, I was back up to my starting weight which was frustrating. I have not been able to lose any of my baby weight. My Dr put me on some medicine to help me and it worked great before but has seem to have lost its touch this time. I am going to give it more time and try to make some more changes so that hopefully I can get healthier.

Jeremy is doing well. I have been his little cheerleader and I think it is working. We have made our own little thermometer that is in the kitchen to try to get to certain goals. Hopefully, I will get to color in more soon!

Jasper is growing day by day. He is saying new words everyday. His new favorite thing is to turn the tv in our bedroom on and off. He has learned to say off very well so anytime he has the chance to use it he does. He is climbing all over too! He can get on the coffee table and almost on the couch. I am so glad he happy and healthy. We are truly blessed to have such a great child!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Sorry for the wait!

I have been a slump the last couple of months and have just not felt like blogging. I am amazed at how different I feel now that I am working out on a pretty regular basis. My grandmother passed away in December so the holidays have been tough. So to stop with all the depressing talk...Jasper is growing SO fast!

Jasper had his 15 month check up and he was 32.5 inches tall and weighted 24 lbs and 5 oz. I am still so amazed on how fast children grow and how everyday is so different. He had met and exceeded all of his developmental goals. I am pretty proud of Jasper because he catches on so fast to everything. He signs and is trying to talk. He does carry on conversations but I am not really sure what he is saying at this point.

Jeremy is working hard and is protecting lots of families! We have actually been able to go out without Jasper since his birthday. Jeremy has worked so hard over the last few months that he earned a trip to Mexico and to Miami for us. We were Jasper free for both trips and it was almost like having two mini-honeymoons. It is still hard for me to get used to leaving Jasper with someone but I have definitely enjoyed my time with just Jeremy.

Thursday, September 30, 2010


It has been one amazing year! I can not believe it has gone by so fast. There have been so many changes in our family but we are truely BLESSED! I will have to post pictures later since it is just now his birthday!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

YAY Jeremy!

I just wanted to make sure everyone knew how amazing my husband was. This year has been ruff on us, especially financially. When Jeremy started his new job in May, I was very apprehensive. I supported him in his decision to begin selling insurance after losing his job offshore. I am very proud of him because of how hard he has worked to make sure Jasper and I are taken care of. Jeremy's first full quarter with the company he has attained the position of #1 in his division. YAY!!! He seems to enjoy his new job and I am glad he found a job that is not just a job to pay the bills but a job that he wants to do!

This past weekend we celebrated Jeremy's 28th birthday in Auburn. All he wanted was to tailgate and go to a football game. We spent the weekend with some friends and had such a great time. We are so lucky to have great friends that allowed us to stay with them. We have also taught Jasper to raise his arms when we say "Touchdown Auburn." It is SOOOO cute!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Oh the joys of teething!

So the last couple of days have been crazy at the house. Jasper is teething and it is really bothering him. We are all ready for these next teeth to come in. He is drooling constantly and is trying to bite me all the time. I know he is not trying to bite me just to bite because he has never done that but his poor teeth are hurting so bad that I just can not get too mad.

Today, Jasper was so funny playing. Since he is walking around so good now he plays a lot more alone and all over the house. Thank goodness we do not have stairs to worry about! If Jasper is not in my eyesight, all I have to is say his name and he toddles to wherever I am. Lately, he has been playing with a curtain rod from the kitchen and you can hear it dragging across the tile so we know where he is at when he is playing with that.

He is getting so big and is slowly being able to get on all fours and rock. He has been army crawling but has not actually crawled on all fours. I hope he does not decide to do this in the next day or so since Jeremy is gone to Georgia.

I am hoping to keep up my blogging better now that Jasper is sleeping in his crib and I can type a lot easier and not go to bed so early. I just have to start going to bed earlier than I have in the last week so that I am not worn out the next day!

Monday, August 23, 2010


It's official, Jasper has a milk and egg allergy. He also had a slight reaction to wheat but he has eaten it before and not had a reaction so I will just have to watch that too. This should be a fun adventure for at least the next year. We will go again next year and they will re-test him to see if there are any changes. Hopefully, he will grow out of this but if not I will grow to be a creative cooker! I have already had a lot of great suggestions on what to give him, recipes, help from others who have dealt or are dealing with this.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 1

We got the 30 day Shred DVD in today and I popped it in tonight and did it! I feel like jello but I do not care what it takes. Jeremy is leaving early in the morning to meet the book selling kids so I did it alone tonight. Jeremy has no other excuse from now on. We are going to jump on this train together. The people at Weight Watchers say that you do better when you have a partner. Jeremy is not only my partner in life but he is going to be my workout partner to make sure I stick with it. Let's see how it goes!